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    Veterinary Specialist-A Life Saver When You Need It

    A veterinary cardiologist you say? Yes, pet owners should know there are many veterinary services specialists practicing targeted medicine; cardiologists, surgeons, internal medicine specialists, oncologists, radiologists, neurologists, emergency and critical care specialists and dental specialists.

    Veterinary specialists have advanced training in a particular field of veterinary medicine.  All veterinarians attend veterinary schools for four years to earn the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  Many vets then choose to do an internship and residency, just as a regular MD would.  These specialists spend an extra four years in training and must pass extensive testing to become board certified in their specialty field.

    Why would you need a specialist? Just as in human medicine, a specialist can offer advance skills and

    Veterinary Services

    Eddie with ball

    knowledge in certain areas.  For example, I recently saw an old Doberman named Eddie, who was weak and had a mild but consistent cough.  On examination, I heard an erratic heart rate with some extra beats that he did not have at his visit just three months earlier.  We called Dr. Carrie Ginieczki, a veterinary cardiologist, for a consultation.

    She can perform a complete cardiac exam including an echo-cardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart) and an electrocardiogram (which looks at the rate and rhythm of the heart) right in our office at Park Animal Hospital & Wellness Center. Dr. Ginieczki immediately began Eddie on four medications to stabilize his heart.  Within 10 days, he was much better.  I just saw Eddie this week — he is feeling great.  He needed the expertise of Dr. Ginieczki to save his life and maintain an excellent day-to-day experience for him.

    We regularly have board certified radiologists and surgeons come to our office as well.  Dr. Dave Matthiesen, a board certified veterinary surgeon, performed an orthopedic surgery on a cat and Dr. Lori Hartzband, a board certified veterinary radiologist, performed an abdominal ultrasound on a young pup that was vomiting last week.   These types of advanced veterinary services are more than likely available at veterinary offices in your city.

    We are so grateful to have these experts come to our office and offer their services.  It allows us to offer exceptional veterinary diagnostics and treatments for your pets.

    In some cases, we do refer our clients and patients to another hospital for the expert care they need.

    Advanced veterinary services have improved dramatically in the past 30 years.  Take advantage of the expertise in the greater Denver area or your own area when your Doberman needs an extra level of care.  If you are concerned about a symptom your pet is showing, call our hospital as a starting point.  We can treat your pet here or call in the experts for advanced care

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