• Best Dog Food plus Enzymes and Probiotics

    Enzyme-ProbioticHere is my best solution to end annoying dog gas. First make sure you have checked on of the dog food grading guides and that you are providing your dog with a top quality dog food. Give enzymes with every meal. Enzymes help your dog completely digest all of his dog food at every meal. Then add as maintenance one scoop of probiotics at one meal every other day.

    You can purchase the product picture to the left at your veterinatians office. I highly recommend the practice of purchasing supplements through your vet as they are pharmaceutical grade products. You are getting what the ingredients say you are getting.

    Signs that your pet might be missing digestive enzymes other than gas. Less-than-optimal joint health? Minor food sensitivities? Lackluster energy and overall less-than-ideal health? You probably wouldn’t suspect these issues to be connected with poor digestion, would you?

    Why enzymes make a difference coupled with quality dog food?

    Enzymes may drastically improve your pet’s digestion and absorption of nutrients, and as I suspect you’ll soon discover, contribute considerably to your pet’s well-being.

    One of the vital forces and energy of life, enzymes are tiny protein molecules found in every living cell.

    They’re responsible for countless activities and functions involving energy production, metabolism, detoxification, and so much more.

    Here are some of the many benefits of enzymes in the digestion of dog food:

    • Supports the immune system
    • Aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food
    • Promotes normal body weight without hunger cravings
    • Promotes respiratory health
    • Helps reduce minor food sensitivities
    • Helps promote normal cell growth
    • Supports healthy teeth and gums
    • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range
    • Reduces occasional bloating, gas, heartburn, and constipation
    • Lessens skin irritation and excessive shedding
    • Provides more energy due to better utilization of nutrients
    • Helps remove toxins from the body
    • Promotes comfortable movement of joints

    As you can see, enzymes function in so many wondrous ways beyond digestion.

    Why Digestive Enzymes May Be So Beneficial to Your Pet’s Well-Being

    The two main types of enzymes most important to your pet’s well-being are metabolic and digestive enzymes.

    Metabolic enzymes function throughout your pet’s body to help carry out the critical bodily functions of building and maintaining every cell, tissue, and organ.

    Digestive enzymes work in the stomach and intestines to break down the dog food your pet eats.

    The four basic digestive enzymes are:

    • Protease

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