Doberman Dog Training with Jamie and Draka

Doberman dog training

Dobermans are a strong-minded, intelligent, and easily trained breed when approached with positive dog training techniques. Dobermans respond quickly when trained in a fair and easy to understand manner. Training will yield results. Dogs want to learn and be challenged. Dobermans are quick to catch on and can learn whatever you might want to teach them. In fact, throughout the world they are asked to serve as police dogs, military heroes, search and rescue, and disability assistance dogs, including pilot dogs for the blind.  The Doberman is a high-energy, large-breed dog that thrives with direct human contact and positive Doberman dog training.

For the Love of Dobermans and Jamie Fincher is teaming up to bring you an ongoing Doberman training program many of us are going to be familiar with.  Bringing home the new rescue Doberman. This blog will feature Jamie working with her newest rescue Doberman who’s name is Draka.

About Jamie The Owner/Trainer

Doberman dog training

Jamie Fincher picking up Draka after her Freedom ride. | Magnum Opus K9 Training

Dogs have been part of my entire life so naturally, I would end up centering my world around them. I have been working with dogs and in the animal care field for 13 years now. I was a long time dog rescuer from foster to board member and had a successful dog photography business during my time living in Houston. I graduated with a degree from the Vet Tech Institute and worked as internal medicine and oncology vet tech before I made a career switch in 2016. I am grateful for the knowledge I have picked up along the way and am always working on improving my skills so I can further help pets and the people attached to them.

Dog sports and working dogs are a hobby of mine. I have been involved in working dog clubs for a decade now and learning the ins and outs of the working dog world and attending workshops and seminars by esteemed trainers has influenced a lot of my training in the pet world and how I coach. I have experience in most AKC sports as well as weight pull, PSA, and IGP (formerly Schutzhund/IPO). I currently share my life with a Siberian Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Beauceron puppy, and a hairless cat!

I have a passion for working with all personalities of dogs and helping their owners through balanced, reward-based, and relationship building training. I am educated and experienced with the various training tools out there and also specialize in safe, off-leash remote collar training. I have worked with it all from my time in shelters, evaluating strays, professional work, and personal pets, and am prepared to guide you on your journey to achieving your goals with your dog. It is rewarding for me to see a dog owner learn and grow in their understanding of dog behavior and in their handling skills as I was once in those shoes! When it comes to dog training you must enjoy the journey.

Aside from dogs, I am a huge nerd and gaming is life. If I am not out training and working with my dogs, I am logged into World of Warcraft climbing the ranks in rated PVP. For The Horde!

For the love of Dobermans will post weekly updates here and on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.  You can follow directly with Jamie as well.   I have listed all the Social Media Links here:

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Join us on this journey!

Day 1-3 | Where did Draka come from and what are Jamie’s plans for this girl?   Watch the first intro video for all the details of who Draka is.

Day 4 | drive building with the tug preparing her for decoy work in protection sport …

I’ve had Draka for 4 days now. Her day and time with me are as structured as my IGP Beauceron. I’m doing virtually no formal obedience with her, for now, she’s allowed to be open and free. I want her to pull, I want her to jump, bark, to be pushy. There is a purpose for this. Draka has “it”. She has so much potential. This is a busy dog that wants to get into things and be active. She’s craving a job. She doesn’t want to lay on a couch all day, she would rather eat the couch.

I put pet obedience on dogs for a living, I can teach her manners at any time. I don’t want to suppress her drive, I’m going to work with it and harness it for sports so she is happy and fulfilled. There is an art to this work and I am not perfect by any stretch. I work the dog in front of me and adjust as needed.

In this video, I am drive building with the tug and teaching her the game to prepare her for decoy work in protection sport. I included the same game with my Beauceron his name is Thrall at the end to show how dogs at a more advanced stage in the game look doing the same exercise.  Thrall is at about 15 months in the below video.  I have been working with him since he arrived as a puppy.

One Month | Re-wiring her brain

So as you can see in the beginning clip, the intense prey drive is there. A cat ran in front of her and she was on the chase. I took her to a park she hadn’t been before and she had no desire to engage with the toy over the environment. The prey drive is within her, I just have to keep working on harnessing it. She does not understand yet that playing with me is more fun and important than doing what she wants in the environment. So in the end I begin to teach her value in paying attention to me over the environment, as well as some luring with food to manipulate her movement and positions.


Doberman dog training

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