• Crixus A Doberman with A Facebook Page?


    Crixus A Doberman on Facebook


    Crixus A Doberman with A Facebook Page?

    I started a Facebook page for my Doberman Crixus because I wanted to bring awareness to the breed.  I love taking pictures of my dogs, but when it comes to my Miniature Pinschers vs. my Doberman, sadly there is a negative stereotype.  I have loved the breed since I was a child, but I had to work my way up to getting one.  I used to be a pet sitter and have also worked at the vet too before becoming a stay-at-home mother.  It wasn’t until I pet sat three Dobermans that I completely fell in love and knew this was the only breed for me.

    I currently own three Miniature Pinschers, a German Pinscher, and now a red Doberman Pinscher. I have never had to fight as hard as I had to get Crixus.  I rescued Crixus on February 2, 2013 while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan.  Prior to adopting Crixus I had family members try and stop me from adopting him because of the stereotype of the breed. At the time, my son was 11 months old and they were also worried that the Doberman would hurt him.

    Crixus’ page has turned into more than I could imagine.  He is approaching 500 fans now in over three and a half months of starting his page.  I asked some of his fans to share why they follow his page with me.  Here is what they said.

    I follow your page because you are a handsome devil and I have a thing for Dobermans, the proud momma of three of my own.  Quite honestly I spoil my dogs rotten like you, just like they are my babies. It makes me feel more normal to see there are people like your mom that love their fur babies as much as I do.”  Amy Gould Collins

    I started following because I am a Doberman owner and lover, so when I saw Crixus’ adorable face I just had to check out the page. The wonderful photography is what has really impressed me!  The pictures are really beautiful.  I know next to nothing about photography, but the angles and backgrounds you use are really neat!  You’re very talented, and it probably doesn’t hurt to have such cute subjects.”  Sheila Quick

    Crixus ~ I LOVE YOU!  You are an inspiration to canine owners to love, protect, and shower unconditional love!”  Cynthia Cassarotti

    “I follow Crixus’ page because he is adorable and has the most expressive face.  His essence is captured in his photos.  Also, his page is upbeat.  I love all the furbaby pages on Facebook, but one can only cry so many tears for the abandoned, abused, etc then you get a post and photo by Crixus.”  Debbie Baker

    “I like the photos, not only because you are so handsome, but also because they are often original and well photographed.”  Gisela Kneubel

    The main reasons I post on Crixus’ page is to share a daily photo of him everyday to his fans, to share updates of dog related products we have used, and other information that might be relevant to the breed.  I wanted Crixus’ page to be upbeat and full of positivity, and with so much of our news feeds full of negativity these days I needed a place to turn to.  While running Crixus’ page, I have met so many wonderful people and other Doberman owners who run Facebook pages for their Dobermans as well!

    I didn’t realize the impact Crixus’ page had on others until a friend I met through his page, Jennifer Young, told me that she saved every one of Crixus’ photos I post.  After she made that comment I was taken back because I tend to post a lot of photos, sometimes up to three photos a day. He has been the perfect addition to our lives.  Crixus watches over my son (now 23 months old), plays with him, and is protecting him on a daily basis (Velcro Dobe). The question now I ask is, “Why I didn’t start a Facebook page sooner?!”

    If you would like to follow Crixus Facebook page: Facebook.com/CrixustheDoberman -Mary Davis

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