Doberman Club Events Denver, CO

Denver Doberman Club meet-up

Doberman Club Denver CO

Ruby loves the chase the Lure.

There are no costs or requirements to join this club.  You will be meeting other Dobermans Owners during events around the Denver Metro area.

Our next club meeting will be at Run Dog Run.  This is a for fun Lure course that any Doberman over the age of one will love running.

Date:  Sunday, April 26th   from 9-noon

Weather Permitting: you can check the web site or call me at 303-549-6502.   They often do not determine if they are going to be open until 9 am.  The course is outside and cannot be slippery as the Dobies run at full speed and we want them to be safe.  If you are driving a long distance come a little later when we are sure to be open.

Location: 5702 W 120th Ave Broomfield, CO 80020    Questions?


Here are few more tips:

Do not allow your Dobie run on a full stomach.  Waiting 2-3 hours after eating or do not feed at all before they run would be ideal.

If your Dobie is Dog reactive this is OK.  The Dogs are always leashed and only one dog is allowed on the course at a time.

The track owner will test to see if your Dobie will chase the Lure.   Then you can purchase individual runs for $10 or a punch card at $5 each.  Each run is until your Dobie is appropriately tired.  The track owner can control the speed of the Lure based on your dog’s fitness and age.

Check out the videos of other Dogs chasing Lure at their web site link below.