• Doberman Pinschers Myths and Legends

    Attack DobermanDoberman Pinschers
    Myths and Legends

    By Anne Marie Monteiro

    Happy New Year everyone.  I thought I would begin the new year by addressing some comments I have heard about Doberman Pinschers over the years from people who were interested in the breed, and were concerned about various rumors they had heard.  I bred Dobies for many years and showed in the conformation ring as well as taught obedience for a bit, so I’ve heard from a lot of people about the temperament of this breed.  I think it is time to straighten out some common misconceptions with a simple true/false for each statement.  Let us begin…

    False.  The Doberman is a one-woman dog.  The Doberman will tolerate and even pretend to love the males in the household, but is totally devoted to the woman.  Therefore, the man must always be aware that if he annoys the woman, or does anything to upset her, the dog will defend her honor by doing what we will address in the next topic. If the man chooses to ignore the woman’s warnings and continues to irritate her, the dog will eventually eliminate the problem completely.  I know one woman who didn’t know this simple fact and lost three husbands before she realized what was going on.  Men, please beware.  This may be your only warning.

    True.  Most Dobies will poke the human male in his family jewels with their noses, but this is just a warning to treat the woman with dignity and honor.  If the warning is ignored the Doberman will, in fact, take care of business in a more effective way.  There are many men who have left this owner’s household singing soprano.

    True.  It is unfortunate, but I found out the hard way that Dobermans eat children when you are not looking.  I started out with six children and over the years lost them here and there.  I thought it was the “socks in the dryer” syndrome, only to realize that the children were dragged off and consumed when they reached that obnoxious stage of puberty.  As I stated before, the dog will defend the woman (mother) at all costs.  I was down to two kids, when I finally smartened up and locked them away in the basement until puberty passed.  They are now grown, but I have one grandchild who is a teenager so he is locked in the basement.  The kid is kind of cute and I’ve grown attached to him.

    True and False.  The legend is that, with age, the brain expands and is squashed by the skull, causing the dog to become vicious and turn on its owner.  This is not what causes the dog to become vicious.  The brain, when at full expansion only causes the dog discomfort if the dog’s head is touched.  Therefore, the owner must protect the dog’s head at all times so the dog does not turn on its owner or friends and family.  There are special helmets to protect the dog’s head.  These should be worn at all times.  They are available in your favorite team logos.

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    Meet our author Anne Marie Monteiro she is a retired journalist, living in Connecticut, having worked as a newspaper and magazine editor and television personality and producer.  She bred and showed Doberman Pinschers for many years and now enjoys the company of a rescue Dobie pup and a Red and White Irish Setter.  She is married for over 45 years, has two children and four grandchildren.

    Please visit her  Blog, connecticutwomanonline.com is a compilation of stories, photos and recipes and she welcomes writers and photographers to submit their work for publication.


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