• Doberman Stress can be high during Holidays.

    Doberman stress



    Doberman Stress can be high during Holidays.

    5 tips to keep them calm and safe

     We all know that Dobermans are one of the most sensitive breeds to how you and the household is feeling.  I had a Doberman that would instantly toss his cookies if I was very upset about something in my life. Please, for a moment, take the view point  of your Dobermans.  They do not know why everyone is a little more stressed or why the door bell is ringing and more guest then normal are visiting.  Maybe the grand kids are over more often and longer than normal.  Remember they do not   know what is coming next so follow the next 5 suggestion to keep your




    Reduce Doberman Stress and increase safety with these 5 simple tips:

    1. Keep your Dobermans schedule the same.  Eating, exercising, doggie day care trips at the same time everyday.  Maintaining a stable schedule will go a long way for calmer kido’s when guests arrive.
    2. Even Dobermans that are accustom to children and lots of activity can be overwhelm  and pushed to lose their charming personalities.  Consider having a  quiet place that your Doberman can visit a couple times during a long weekend with overnight guests or during parties.
    3. I often administer a natural calming herbal remedy like Rescue Remedy for dogs or a product your vet can recommend like Nutricalm.   These will ease your Dobermans stress with new sounds and situations. They are very safe and I typically give 30 mins before the guests arrive.
    4. Watch for items being left by your guests on the floor or low tables.   Tobacco,  sugar free candy, gum, and marijuana (which is legal in many states now can kill your Doberman in fairly low doses).
    5. Finally the most common emergency vet visit over the holidays is pets ingesting items not normally left on the floor and food that is toxic.   Please check the attached list with foods to avoid. You can put it on your fridge along with the poison control number.   Often the amount eaten of the food is not enough based on body weight to be toxic.  This way you can call right away and maybe save yourself a big emergency room vet bill and time away from your guests. The typical fee is $65 to get specific toxicology dosing and treatments from a vet over the phone.  10 Most Dangerous Food your dog should never eat. 
    6.  ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: 1-888-426-4435  There maybe a consult fee of $65.

    Photo credit is to http://buddhadogcards.com/  Visit their wonderful line of Doggie  Greeting Cards.

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