• Another Dobie Rescue but she is an Evil Girl!

    Cher the Evil DobermanEvil Girl!

    How Cher got her nickname Evil Girl? Her current and forever dobermom Amanda tells the story like this. “Hmmm, where do I start? From the moment that she walked through my doors as a bald, scabby, bloody mess, Cher has owned everything. She owned the house, the other dogs, & my heart. She’s a very sweet dog but she’s always looking to push you a little harder & take a little more. She tries to outsmart you at every turn. She’s full of herself & she goes out of her way to make sure that you know that she’s great. She has a very fun sense of humor & she has no problem voicing her opinion. She also has a mean streak that has been there since she was a puppy. When you put it all together she’s my “Evil” girl.

    The thing that earned her the nickname initially was an incident that she had in a pet supply store as a puppy. A strange guy decided to follow us & stare her down. I corrected her for barking a few times before I realized that it was warranted. I said something to the guy & moved on. A few aisles later, I was looking at collars & he walked up & stood next to Cher. She hung out for a second, and then she gently rocked her weight back before slamming her nose into his crotch. As he doubled over & hit the floor, she stood over him gloating. I laughed, told him that he deserved it & told her that she was my evil girl!

    Now nose punches to the groin are almost like a sport to her. Thankfully, the body language leading up to nose punches is pretty obvious, so I usually ask her to sit & watch me stop it. She does as asked but I always get a huge, dramatic sigh from her when I ruin her fun.

    She’s a great dog. She takes herself very seriously when she’s around new people, but with people who she knows & loves, she’s a total goofball. We, strangely enough, have very similar personalities which is fun.”

    Amanda is Cher

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