• Dog Training by Rachel Laurie

    Rachel offers Dog TraingingI wanted to take a moment to introduce every one to Rachel Laurie.  She is our staff dog training behavior specialist.   I have been searching for a trainer to help me with one of my Rescue Dobermans Cyrus.  Finally at last Rachel is currently working wonders with him.  I love her gentle but very effective positive training approach.  Cyrus loves her.   He just looks at her with those I love you eyes.

    She is based here in Denver, CO but we  have several training videos in the works.   In the mean time we will have a LIVE online Q&A session on our Facebook page in August.  Plus she will be posting training tips from time to time.

    She does offer group classes and private sessions.   You can find this info on her web site.

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    Rachel Laurie’s at a glance Bio:

    Rachel Laurie has always had in interest in dogs. She knew she wanted a career in dog training when she adopted her rescue dog Sunny. Sunny came with a slew of behavioral challenges. Rachel quickly realized she needed to educate herself about how to deal with these challenges. Sunny was a very fearful dog so Rachel knew harsh corrections were going to get her no where. That’s when Rachel understood the power or positive dog training.

    She then studied at the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy. She learned how to communicate with dogs in a whole new light. Approaching dog training from a humble position is how to yield the most results. Dominating a dog is no part of that. To be a good trainer she knows she needs to be firm, fair and consistent.

    Rachel is always continuing her education by regularly attending dog training seminars and workshops. Rachel volunteers her time at the Maxfund animal shelter here in Denver as well as fosters dogs in her own home.

    Rachel is currently fostering Hilo an American Pit Bull Terrier. Hilo was left tied to a tree in a front yard for the first two years of his life. So Rachel has had to start from square one with Hilo. Teaching him how to live in a house and co exist with other dogs and people. Hilo is making huge strides and will be ready for adoption soon!

    Rachel has lots of experience working with large breed dogs and understands that Dobermans are fast thinking, intelligent breed that flourishes with lots of respect and human contact.

    She has helped families work through many furkid challenges with great success.  She understands that no two dogs are the same and that every training plan has to be customized to the individual dog.


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