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    Harley Team Colorado

    Harley Team Colorado


    This story has been loving written by Renny a good friend of Mattie’s.   She was lost then found.

    Sunday November 3rd was a very good day. After 15 days Mattie the miraculous dog was lost then found. This isn’t a normal “lost dog” rescued story. This is the story of a community, scent sniffing hound dogs and a higher intervention. Mattie has never, not one night of her life, been away from her people family or slept outside. She has a very good life at home with friends, family and other house-mate dogs. Her 8 years of life have been close to royal living complete w blankets, table scraps and toys.

    Mattie is not a normal dog by any stretch of the imagination. Any person that meets her recognizes immediately that she is from another time or connected to another power. However you want to say it, she’s no ordinary dog. She’s serene and calming and loving; just mellow. When you pet her, your heart rate drops and you feel as if you stepped into a therapy session w/ relaxation tapes playing. At once, everything is at peace. She’s no ordinary dog, that’s for sure.

    Her Master is the same Master Distiller at 303 Vodka, Steve Vizbicke. She worships her master and loves to accompany him to work most days as he tends vodka vats and bottles. Her mission in life is to bring peace to those around her and to please her Master. On October 19th Mattie uncharacteristically decided to follow her Master as he drove off in his car to run errands. She never returned.

    Heartbroken, the search began for Mattie, a Shepard/Labrador mix. Her family gathered and put a plan into action which included bikes, trails, cars and whistling. Eventually, flyers were printed and hung and as days passed, each veterinary office, animal shelter and police agency had been notified and was engaged.

    Days went by and there was not a single sighting of Mattie. For six days and nights her people family posted on Craigslist, Facebook, called shelters and hung flyers. It’s possible that not a single person in Boulder County did not know that Mattie was missing and that her family was seeking to find here. As winter started to bear down and nights grew colder, fear for her safety loomed heavily in their hearts.

    Then the thought came to Steve’s wife, Terri to google search “pet detective”. She was happy to fill out an on-line questionnaire and receive a phone call from Tressa English from the The Lost Pet Professionals within a few hours.  The Lost Pet Professionals

    On the 7th day of Mattie’s missing, Tressa came to the distillery with her three beloved and professional bloodhounds. The distillery was packed with customers and interest was piqued as Tressa began her process of interviews and gathering the scent. Her incredible dogs, she explained to the family, are trained to find missing pets; not people; not drugs; pets. The dogs started that day and returned the next day for another full day of sniffing and following. Still no Mattie. Tressa instructed placement of flyers as well. No rock was left unturned. The bloodhounds honed in on an area that became evident Mattie had not ventured away from. This area became the area of focus for friends and volunteers to penetrate.

    14 days passed. Master Steve and his daughter responded to a phone call of a Mattie sighting! Finally! Two weeks had passed and she was lost then found  alive! They headed back to the area of focus and spotted her! She was alive but, understandably, she was elusive and she evaded them. Tressa brought the dogs again and indeed indicated Mattie’s scent was fresh and very alive. Darkness moved in and again hopes were dashed as still, no Mattie. The agreement was made to start up again in the morning.

    Day 15- Sunday morning November 3rd Steve and his wife picked up where they left off the previous evening. Another friend joined them and off they trekked to try and circle in around her praying that she was still alive and in that area. Within an hour Steve called his wife “I HAVE HER! I HAVE MATTIE”! There are no words to describe the joy. Mattie had found her people family once again!  She was lost then found.

    Yes, she had lost 30 lbs and was famished and thirsty, but she was not injured in any way. Not by people, vehicles or wild animals. The elements and the weather were not going to be easy if any more days passed. Blessed and together again, there was a feeling of being able to breathe again.

    Had Tressa English and her awesome dog’s not narrowed down the area of concentration for Mattie’s family, there would not be this miracle story. Mattie is a miraculous dog with an amazing story of survival and tenacity. She did it. She held out for her people family and she survived and went home that night. The temperature plummeted that night to below freezing but a higher intervention and a sense of never giving up triumphed for Mattie!

    Thank you to all the people that helped and to Tressa and her amazing dogs. Mattie is home and healthy and happy. Miracles happen. Never stop believing.

    Thanks to my Friend Renny for sharing this wonderful story of hope for all our lost pets  lost then found.  Make a note of this amazing resource for you and your friends.   I am glad to know about this myself as I  now often share when I see lost pet posting on Facebook.   The Lost Pet Professionals.

    There is even more hope with a blood hound on your side of the search.

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