• Night Watch at Macy’s

    Doberman History

    doberman History

    Trained for the attack, the big, black Doberman patrol helps to guard the world’s largest department store.

    The pictures and Night watch at Macy’s store was published in the Look Magazine on September 21, 1954.  Produced by Gereon Zimmermann Doberman History.

    At dusk, an eerie hush falls over Macy”s in New York’s Harold Square. Freed of the noisy bustle of the day’s 150,000 bargain hunters (and 11,000 employees), the 46 acres of merchandise and mannikins become a shadowed world of make-believe and a logical target for thieves. But Macy’s is never unguarded. With the darkness, six Doberman Pinschers come down from their 20th-floor penthouse kennels to range through the store. Their animal sharpness has been honed by special training, and the big, black dogs do jobs no Fearless Fosdick could handle.  the husky Doberman is a new supplement to the store’s security force, which is large enough to police a city of 250,000 people. In the strange and silent vastness of the deserted store, the Dobermans’ deep-chested, frightening bay comforts only their fellow detective on the lonely night-watch.

    Doberman History | Macy's Security

    a: On their rounds, Cash and Suzy scout ahead of Joe Gaudioso. Store detectives who use the Dobermans undergo special training to perfect teamwork. b: “WATCH HIM!” is the command given to Red Star by Charles Shellenberger after they corner prowler (enacted by ex-football star Angelo Maglio of security force). c: On guard, Red keeps “prowler” at bay while Shellenberger goes to the phone to call headquarters for reinforcements. Red will not move until he must. d: “GET HIM!” Red leaps at the “fugitive.” will keep at him until called off. Red’s bite can break a man’s arm, so Maglio wears an arm guard of leather and kapok.




















    These Eager “dogs on springs” quiver with a desire to prove themselves.

    The Doberman history is a  product of mixing the bloodlines of a shepherd, draft dog, and terrier will attack, the saying goes, “even the devil himself.” Like his squadmates (Suzy,  MOM, Cash, Cyclone, and Thrifty each named for a Macy slogan or catch-word), “Red” has been taught to rove behind counters, to ferret into dark places. “The dogs are intense, and they are always on springs,” said Francis X. Fay, Macy’s security director.   “They never stop trying to find a prowler. They ache with desire to prove their worth.” Twice, the Dobermans have cornered prowlers. Now the word about Macy’s dogs is out, and Fay believes it has scared criminals who might have the big store on their list.  “In training the dogs, we’ve taken extra measures of precaution,” said Fay. “They give absolute obedience to the handlers. Dobermans are not just show dogs, here; they are detectives on assignment. When they get the command, “GET HIM!” they’ll chew the enemy to pieces.”

    Vitamin pills, selected diets, dental care, pedicures (to make their tread silent), endless exercise, and discipline make up a dog’s life for Macy’s Dobermans.  Their 20th – floor kennels lie in the shadow of the Empire State Building and their resonate bark carries over the traffic din. Work dogs first, then big blacks seem to know they are tough cops. At times, the dogs, especially MOM, are affectionate with their handlers.  But the “Pride of the force” RED STAR (he and Suzy are Parents of Cyclone and Thrifty) allows his handler to pet him only when he has done a good job.

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    Doberman History | Macy's Security

    a: Morning line-up at their penthouse quarters finds the eager Red Star, MOM, Suzy, and Cash ready for their daily workout. b: The flashing brown eyes of Red Star almost dim the glitter of the sterling in the counter is the casing. c: Fearsome jaws of the big Doberman can exert a bone-crunching pressure of approximately 500 pounds to a square inch. d: Gracefulness is a striking Doberman trait despite their hefty size (80 pounds).

    Photographed by Bob Lerner for Look Magazine Sept. 21, 1954 | Doberman History | Macy's Security

    a: Red Star heads out for patrol b: in the half-light, the sleek, powerful Doberman is a creature of frightening beauty. A year-round schedule of rigid training keeps the Macy dog-patrol squad alert and at fighting weight and imposes a military discipline that harnesses their native ferocity. c: Top Dog, Red Star, presides in the board room while “taking a ten” from duty.

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