• Raw Food Diet for Dogs

    Raw Food Diet for Dogs

    There are lots of ways to do this.   I am lazy and basically have no desire to cook so I came up with my own version of raw feeding for my Dobies, Cyrus and Zsa Zsa.

    I decided to try a raw food diet for dogs because Zsa Zsa had acid reflux that my regular and holistic vet could not come up with a solution for.   So I tried raw food and guess what the acid reflux stop and their already wonderful fur coats got even shiner and softer.

    First I just want to set the stage with a couple of thoughts.   Pet food is a mega business topping $10 billion dollars a year in the United States with very little regulation.   It is buyers beware kind of market place.    I strongly recommend that you check out dog food brands reviewed at this site.  http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ .  See if your  food is on the excellent list or not.   I did a quick calculation and determined that for about $2.60 per day your 80lb Doberman can eat the best dog food on the list.    Second I am approaching food from a holistic point of view.  Food is a primary health and healing tool.    Even many excellent commercial food is overcooked, chemicalized, refined and formulated.   These food no matter how highly rated they never will  equal the innate radiant energy derived from raw foods.

    Ok now back to raw food for you dog.   If you do not like to deal with meal preparation like me than follow along every month as I show you how I make raw feeding super easy and anyone can do it.

    First I start with an excellent kibble and wet dog food in my pantry at all times.  Sometimes you are just in too big a rush and will need to feed the Furkids quickly.   Just give them the regular high quality dog food you have always given them.   But if you have just 15 mins.   Here is super quick meal.

    First I use my food processor for all the raw food I create for my kids.   I dice all vegetables in it.   This makes for easier digestion of vegetables. Please purchase all organic food.

    The follow recipe is for two 80lbs Dobermans with medium activity. They mostly sleep and run around in a good size back yard.    Do keep a close eye on your Dobie’s weight.  Weight gain or loss is more likely because you are not doing an exact measurement of food as you did with kibble.  We also bring home left overs of vegetables, rice and meat when we eat out.   I prefer to feed organ meats and fish but on the day I did this recipe I had some ground turkey that needed to be used up and guess who got it?

    Raw FeedingPut about two cups of raw vegetable in the food processor.  Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, cabbage are all great vegetables to use.  Process until diced.




    Raw FeedingThen I add ½ cup brown rice.   Dogs do not need a lot of carbohydrates but the rice gives it a wet dog food consistence after mixing it with the vegetables in the food processor.

    Especially handy if you give supplements and need a place to put the pills.

    Now you could stop here and mix this with half of the normal kibble that you would give.   But I had some ground turkey that needed to be eaten so tonight they get a huge treat with the turkey.

    I know there are lots of raw food Dobie folks already doing this but remember I am feeding a 50% raw diet so I have a lot of flexibility around feeding my Furkids based on how much time I have. This is not a purest approach.  The goal is to help more folks get more raw foods into their Dobermans diets.

    Raw FeedingThe next step is to put a 1/2lb of dark meat ground turkey along with the vegetable brown rice mixture into a skillet that is hot.   I cook to aid in the digestion but also turkey can have some pretty nasty bacteria so I just cook until the meat is just turning from pink to grey.  Then I take out of the pan and mix with half of the normal kibble that I feed them in their bowls.  I let it cool some while I add medications and supplements.

    Raw FeedingI make sure the food has cooled enough to feed.  But before the  bowls go down to the Furkids I add a large tablespoon of unsweetened pumpkin.  Bon Appetite Poochies!

    If you are going to switch to a raw diet I highly recommend you get your babies on a good digestive enzymes and a round of probiotics to get their digestive tracts ready for the new food they will be receiving.

    All the experts’ suggestion slow transition from regular kibble to raw.  I personally did not do this.  I just started adding the raw food into the diet.   I also feed them different foods all the time.  Make sure you do not feed any of the food on the below chart.

    10 Dangerouse foods for dogs

    If you have questions or comments please let me know.   You can submit your own raw food stories and recipes for consideration and publishing in the newsletter, on the web site or fan page to  fortheloveofdobermans@gmail.com.

    Reference book for some of the above opinions: Veterinarians’ Guide to natural Remedies for Dogs.  By:Martin Zucker.

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