• The Anatomy of a Doberman Rescue:


    This really sums up business of Doberman rescue.   It is chaotic, painfully sad while at the same time exhilarating.

    Before I share the anatomy of a rescue. I want to say to any and all who read this.  Be into something that is of no benefit to you.  You will reap the rewards of compassion,  love and amazing experiences.

    Back in January of 2013 when I started my Facebook page  I knew very little about the rescue side of rescue even though I had three rescue  Dobermans myself.  I started “For the Love of Dobermans” as a writing outlet for my interest in Dobermans and holistic animal medicine.  Follow your passion  it is the most interesting road you can travel down.  I had no idea I would be raising money and rescuing Dobermans.  I had no idea I would have 11,000 fans.  I have no idea what is next!

    The Anatomy of a Doberman Rescue:


    The call for help went out in an  email-

    From: Susan Rochester [mailto:Susan@southerndobermanrescue.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 10:10 AM
    To: ‘Michelle Orman’; Rochelle Fisher
    Subject: FW: doberman in Mobile County

    Please network this girl. Joanne called and asked me to send her info out before she gets pts. Only has a few days.  In south Alabama (Mobile).

    I often get request from rescue folks to post dogs especially the tough cases like Andrea.  Joanne who normally facilitates small dog rescue spotted Andrea in her local Hi Kill Animal shelter.  She wanted to try and save her.  But she was full with her normal small dog rescue activity and could not take Andrea out of the shelter.  She needed to reach out beyond her normal niche.



    Joanne, is Andrea first Dober Angel-She saved her by caring.

    Next I got involved- I put the word out on my Facebook page “For the love of Dobermans”  The comments, likes and number of people who were saying they were interested in her was much higher than I normally see.   Per normal I reply to each one to determine if the interest is real or a very well meaning desire expressed.   When I got to Anthony- whose post read like this. “Anthony David Brancieri im in LA how can I help” Anthony and Tina where her second DoberAngels.

    I reached out to him and  asked that he  complete the adoption application and then pay the shelter adoption fee and associated spay and shots charge. This was the test of his intention.

    Once this was accomplished I then had to make the commitment to Andrea financially to pay her boarding for min. of 10 days, plus her vet bill of an unknown amount and her transportation cost which I estimated to be around $350 dollars plus a crate.  I took this leap of trust because I had an experienced rescue person in Mobile,  AL and a solid adopter in CA.  I went for it!


    Andrea was moved to the Vet’s office for treatment and kenneling until her kennel cough resolved and we could transport her by plane.andrea

    Now money had to be raised to pay for her expenses. This is when our Face Book community stepped up and we raised $947.00

    Travel by air was planned and book on United Airlines for Sunday, Sept 8th.  Joanne would make the 6 hour round trip by car from Mobile, AL to New Orleans Airport for transit to her new forever home in Hollywood, CA



    At about 5:30 am Mountain Time I received a call from a distressed Joanne.  She did not have an air travel approved crate. United would not take Andrea on board. Joanne would have to go back home and try again.

    She had purchased a crate that still had the manufactures air travel approval label on it.   Very frustrating for all involved but Joanne stay on task and we made arrangements for her to make the trip again on Thursday, Sept 12th.





    With hopes high that Joanne’s new crate would meet all the requirements for the FAA she loaded Andrea up in her vehicle again on Sept 12th and headed out of town to make the


    This is what Joanne’s car looked after the collision. I have spoken to her since the incident and she is back to normal.

    long journey.  Again another call comes from Joanne earlier than expected.   Reporting that she had just been in a serious collision that had totaled her car. It took some time before we got more information

    that  she had a concussion, several fracture ribs and to many  bruises to count.  And that Andrea appeared to be fine. We were all just stunned.  I went to bed thinking how in the world could we ask Joanne with these serious injuries to make arrangements to get Andrea to the airport or to drive again.  Would she even be willing to take her?






    Carol DoberAngel #3

    The next morning at about 6 am I started contacting every and anyone I could think of to see if anyone knew anyone in Mobile that would be sympathetic to our plight and be willing to take Andrea to the airport.  By about 9 am both Tina and I had contacted Carol.  A Facebook fan that had taken a keen interest in what was going on.  Thank goodness we contacted her.  Turns out she has rescue experience.  She volunteer to get involved and start making calls into Mobile to find a person to take Andrea to the airport.   I continue on my quest.  I had put in a request to Operation Truckers. Anthony had contact Pets and Pilots.  I  had just finished talking with a rescue advocate friend of mine who was volunteering to drive the 2,500 miles if we could cover gas and lodging.  Wow!  She wanted to be the last resort.  I do not blame her! I have found when in crisis it seems that when the last resort ace in the hole comes along the perfect solution comes right along after it.



    9-13-2013- now 2:30pm

    Carol and I both stayed home from work and she had the breakthrough we were looking for.   The Dober Angel had delivered three enthusiastic rescue ladies that work at the Schillinger Vet Clinic in Semme, AL.   They heard our story and wanted to pay it forward for all the help they have received for the rescue dogs they had sponsored.  BINGO!

    We now had a ride to the airport.   They wanted to make the run on thier first available day off- Sunday, Sept 15th,   I spent the balance of my day making the travel arrangement and getting the new plan back out to all parties involved.  Hurray!  Andrea was going to be in CA on Sunday night.

    We did still have one last question mark. The Crate was it going to be approved for travel?

    9-15-2013- Early AM the Transport team- Kasey, Teri and Danielle  DoberAngels #4,5 & 6

    Teri, Danielle, Kasey

    Transport Team-
    Teri, Danielle, Kasey


    Our transport team meets with Joanne to get Andrea, review the crate, confirm that the health certificate was still good for travel and then they head for the New Orleans Airport.  Andrea’s flight was at 2:26pm and was the last flight of the day.

    Needless to say Carol and I  had not put our phones down we had so much anxiety about the crate being right and Andrea making our now third attempt to get her on a plane.  Then the Call…  United was denying the crate again!!!   The transport team vowed not to give up and off to the local pet store they went newly educated in the correct type of crate that was need they procured a crate and head back to the airport again.     Yes! Victory they made the flight just in the narrowest of time frame.

    We popped the champagne and all cheered!!!  Andrea was on the plane we had done it!!  She was finally going to be with her Forever Family is less than 6 hours.


    There are many players in this project.   The most important point I want to make.  Take action in what you care about.  It creates a richer life for yourself and all of those around you.  Life is about experiences.



    Dare to have some.

    Here is the coolest part of all- Andrea is with her new Forever Mom “Tina” and Dad  “Anthony”  She  has a full belly, two people that will love her forever and a two doggy cyblings to play with.  It is like a perfect story book ending.  Awwwww  XOXO

    Rescue Andrea

    Andrea with her bone

    Tina & Anthony

    Tina & Anthony


    Henderson one of her new  playmates


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