• Warlock Doberman

    Warlock Doberman

    Ch. Borong the Warlock Circa 1960

    Warlock Doberman Myth

    There was an american  Doberman male in the 1960′s named Ch. Borong the Warlock.  Born born Jan 1955 and died Aug 1966.  He was a very famous Doberman and many breeders bred their females to him.   He had many offspring.  Producing  25 AKC champions.  Some reputable breeders that had this male in the pedigree of their good Dobermans advertised as having “Warlock” bloodlines.  Basically the phrase “Warlock Doberman” became synonymous with good Dobermans.   In present breeding blood lines this is no longer a meaningful claim to high quality Doberman standards.  Foot Note:  Ch. Borong Warlock had both his sire and dam being american champions as well.  This is 100% an american Doberman.


    In my ongoing effort to help new Doberman owners find their way to professional breeders. If a breeder you are considering uses this terminology they are not professional.  Save your hard earned money for a professionally bred Doberman.

    The Doberman breed rose to a popularity ranking of #2 in United States for a short period of time in the 1980’s.  This is also when a truly oversized Dobermans came into existence and was referred to also as a “Warlock Doberman”.  This variation on the pure bred Doberman was a cross between a Doberman and a Great Dane or Rottweiler.  This mix or non-pure bred Doberman came into vogue when people wanted larger Dobermans as  watchdog deterrents in and around their homes in the suburbs.

    If you have a Doberman that is over the standard size there is nothing wrong with them they are just out of the breed standard.   There are many Dobermans born that are not considered breeding stock with flaws when compared to the official breed standard.  Some breeders are looking for a larger out of standard working Doberman.   They are still wonderful pets to be enjoyed and loved just the same as a Doberman that is show and/or breeding quality.

    If you have purchased a “ Warlock Doberman ” do not feel defensive or bad.  Nonprofessional breeders that use this terminology have created a brand or urban legend that is very strong and effective at helping them to sell Dobermans at a premium price.  When the “ Warlock Doberman ” bloodline reference was relevant and Ch. Borong the Warlock was the sire it could bring a premium sale price for the off spring due to his extensive show and obedience titles. But not anymore.  It is now an effective marketing and sales tool.  That is all.

    If you would like to read more about how Ch. Borong the Warlock became such a well know Doberman go to this web site.  http://www.halodoberman.com/warlockdobermans.html

    Some of the content of this post has also been re-written from the research done by
    Theresa Mullen
    DPCA Public Education Committee

    This information has been compiled by: For the Love of Dobermans.com

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